Septic tank cleaning and repairs
in Williamsport, MD


Billy’s Septic Service Utilizes Only State-Of-The-Art Pumps

Billy’s Septic Service provides several ways to clean out and move waste materials and liquid in residential and commercial septic tanks in Martinsburg, WV.

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Our Septic Pumping Prevents Problems Down the Road

It removes sludge from building up in the bottom of the tank and entering the drain field, preventing costly problems down the road.

Quality Residential and Commercial Services Are Available

When residents and business owners in Williamsport, MD need septic service done by an experienced and dependable company, they turn to Billy’s Septic Service. Billy Stanley started Billy’s Septic Service in 1995 in Falling Waters, WV, and soon became the septic service homeowners, landlords, and business owners in the region called when it was time to clean or repair their septic tanks. Billy has serviced septic tanks for more than 24 years throughout a four-county service area, including Washington County, MD. Billy’s grandson, Huey, joined the company, and they have formed a very efficient, effective and polite team that is hard to beat. Give Billy’s Septic Service a call when you need your septic tank cleaned or repaired. We take calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week in emergencies at (304) 274-0297.

Decades of Experience Gives Us the Advantage

When Billy’s Septic Service pumps your home’s septic tank in, it removes sludge from building up in the bottom of the tank and entering the drain field, preventing costly problems down the road. Owner Billy Stanley has been pumping and repairing septic tanks in the region for three decades, and his experience is always an advantage for our customers. Home occupancy and use both play a part on how often septic tanks require emptying, and it has shown to be more cost effective to remove sludge from tanks than it is to plot for a new drain field. Regular septic service keeps pipes free of accumulated sewage and sludge for many years of regular use.

We Recommend Septic Tank Service Every Three to Five Years

At Billy’s Septic Service, we recommend servicing your septic tank in the Williamsport, MD area every three to five years. The time frame can vary based on the size of tanks and the number of people in the home, business, school, or factory. When a septic tank is not cleaned every three to five years, the sludge layer increases in the tank. This causes the sludge to overflow into the drain field or sand mound, clogging it, and causing system failure. This can cost homeowners and business owners thousands of dollars in cleanup and repair. Contact us when you need your septic tank serviced